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There was a time you thought The Hustle was the answer — that if you worked hard you would eventually “figure it out”.

That time has passed. You now desire greater balance, freedom, and peace. You have a huge vision for your business but don’t want it to come at the expense of your health… mental wellbeing… relationships… and Personal Transformation.

But can you have both? Is it even possible in this fast-paced world? YES… and it isn’t nearly as difficult as you imagine.

Beyond The Pale shows you how: a fable for today’s overworked and overwhelmed entrepreneur, influencer & executive. It follows Ferdinand Foy, a successful Silicon Valley CEO that on the outside seems to have it all.

But on the inside is beginning to question everything, asking: is this really what I want?

Ripped apart by this common question, Beyond The Pale takes you on an inspiring adventure with Ferdinand so you too can escape the hustle.

“What does it mean to truly succeed? Through this deep and reflective business fable, Matthew Turner asks us to explore what matters most, and how we measure our business and our lives.”

Dorie Clark, multiple bestselling author

you will learn about


hustle culture

& your current relationship with it


whole life balance

& its difference to work-life balance


self love

& what it really looks like


true success

& how (+why) you’re set to fail


mindset and flow

& how you can easily access it


finding yourself

& how you can start asking the right questions

Coi Restaurant, San Francisco

She spins her spoon on the table, lips pouting and her head slightly shaking from side to side. I hold the phone to my ear, listening but not. I hear the words and passively take them in after another day of endless meetings.

“Okay,” I say. “Sure. We can talk more about it next week.” Still the words keep flowing, me nodding and motioning my hand in a circle. “Okay. Okay. I’ve got to go. Thanks.”I place the phone in my pocket. “Sorry about that,” I say, moving my hand to the middle of the table. “Where were we?”

“I think it’s time, Ferdinand,” she says, clearing her throat and stopping the spoon mid-spin. She avoids looking at me, her eyes dancing from the entrance to the kitchen, to other tables and above my head.

“Time for what?”
Closing her eyes, she sighs. “Us.” “Us? What about us, Beckie?”

She looks at me finally. “Come on, you know,” she says with a half smile. It was the first thing I noticed when I approached her in the bar. When was it, exactly? Eighteen months ago? She flashed me that half-smile as I tried to buy her a drink. I knew straight away it would take a lot more than one drink to get her to let her guard down.

I shrug.

She laughs, effortless, so often accompanying her half-smile. “In fact, that makes sense,” she says. “I imagine no girl has ever dared break up with you.”

“You’re breaking up with me?” I ask, quietly, observing our surroundings and noticing how close our fellow diners are to us. Small wooden tables barely a foot apart, a fluffy white cushion the only barrier between Beckie and the women next to her. “Where’s this coming from?” I ask, a little louder. “We were just enjoying an amazing meal, and this wine,” I continue, picking up the glass. “The best wine we’ve had in a long time.”

“Yeah. It is. And that’s the problem.”


“I don’t understand.”

With a long sigh, she places her napkin on the table and leans toward me. “You cancelled this dinner three times already. You’ve been out past eleven each day this week. Have you even noticed that I haven’t been staying at your place for the last two weeks?”

“What do you mean, not staying at mine? Sure you have.”

“No, Ferdinand, I haven’t. Not that your place is mine. We’ve only been dating for two years, but have you asked me to move in? No. Do we ever talk about the future?”

“Of course we do. We were talking about the future just earlier.”

She laughs. Not the effortless kind this time, either. “You were talking about your business’ future. You always talk about the future of Contollo and your future as some rockstar CEO, but we never talk about our future. And you never ask me about mine.”

“Well, I always figured your future was the same as mine. You’re part of my future, Beckie. I love you.”

Rubbing her eyes, she shakes her head. “No, you don’t, Ferdinand.” A waiter walks past our table, disturbing the tablecloth as he does. The room’s perfectly lit, not too bight but far from dark. A long, slim painting rests above Beckie’s head, an assortment of white circles and swirls on a dark, black canvas. “I don’t think you even know what love is,” she continues. “I’d say you love yourself, but I’m not even sure about that anymore. I’d say you love your business and your amazing career and everything that it offers, but again, I’m not sure that is true.”

“Come on,” I say, holding up my hands. “I love you. I love my business and I love my life. I love our life together, and I thought you did, too.”

“So none of this comes as a surprise to you?”

“No. This is completely out of the blue.”

She slumps back into her chair, her eyes tightening and glistening in the light. “That’s really sad, Ferdinand. It’s sad that you haven’t noticed any of this. You don’t notice


me. You don’t see that I’m unhappy. You don’t even notice if I’m there or not…”

Silence falls over us as the chatter around from other tables takes over. Couples, laughing and sharing stories. Work colleagues having fun, clinking glasses and letting off steam. An older couple to the right of us, holding hands over their empty plates.

“But, what?”

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what people are saying about

“If you want to live a bigger story, read this book. That’s the gift of Beyond the Pale, a business fable for modern times. The stories you choose make the world.”

Michael Margolisauthor of ‘Story 10x: Turn the Impossible Into the Inevitable’, and Founder/CEO at Storied

“A reflective, creative approach to exploring the definition of success in business and life. Matthew Turner’s ability to share stories is brilliant and shows the balance of hard work and flow for the millennial entrepreneur.”

Adam Smithauthor of ‘The Bravest You’

"I'm a big fan of the 'business fable' format - it's engaging, interesting, and lets us internalize important messages through story - the medium that our brains are wired to most easily comprehend."

Danny Iny, bestselling author of ‘Teach Your Gift’ and ‘Teach and Growth Rich’, and founder/CEO at Mirasee

"Matthew Turner makes you reflect differently about the big picture -- purpose, passion, hustle, flow, the different perspectives of consciousness. Beyond The Pale is that business fable, the one you focus, ponder, and happily lose sleep over, then go around urging all your colleagues to read.”

Richie Norton, bestselling author of ‘The Power of Starting Something Stupid’

“Matthew Turner is a master storyteller! Beyond The Pale gives us a compass for regaining control over our lives. I recommend this book to anyone who is ready and willing to take full responsibility for themselves and the destiny of both your business and personal life.”

Ari Meisel, author of ‘The Art of Less Doing’, and founder of Less Doing

“A parable for modern times. The journey of discovery that Ferdinand embarks on takes the reader on their own voyage, inviting self-reflection and increased awareness of our own aspirations and the future we are working towards.”

Andy Lopata, author of ‘Just Ask’, and Professional Relationships Strategist

"Spur greater and uplifting success in your work via this uplifting, engrossing fable about how Ferdinand did that in this engrossing book, Beyond The Pale, by my widely admired friend, Matthew Turner"

Kare Anderson, author of ‘Mutality Matters’ and popular TED Talk ‘Opportunity Makers’

"Through 'Beyond The Pale', Matthew Turner provides Important lessons into what true success and fulfillment is all about."

Erlend Bakke, bestselling author of ‘Never Work Again, and Serial Entrepreneur

"Entrepreneur and author Matthew Turner authentically captures the desires, dreams, and cost of "the hustle" in Beyond The Pale."

Tom Morkes, author of ‘Collaborate’, and founder of Insurgent Publishing

about the author

Matthew Turner is a British Author who lives in a small town in Yorkshire, England. Having previously published three novels and a non-fiction business book, he wrote Beyond The Pale on the back of interviewing hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, authors, investors, and thought-leaders.

Gaining a unique insight into areas such as mindset, flow, and personal development, and developing a reputation for crafting compelling stories out of other peoples’ lives, Matthew builds relatable fables for those looking to live a meaningful and purpose-driven life.

As well as writing for himself, Matthew ghostwrites both articles and books for other successful entrepreneurs and thought-leaders, in between spending time with his two children.

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